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Branding Iron Studios is experienced in helping organizations use promotional products to keep an identity foremost in the minds of customers and create pride and loyalty amongst employees. We understand that building a brand is more than just putting a logo on a promotional item…it’s an opportunity to create an image, provide visibility, develop awareness, and generate pride.

Committed to the belief that your success is our success, we continually strive to educate our customers on the marketing opportunities available to create successful programs and campaigns. Learn more by exploring the Branding Iron Studios Marketing Education Center.

The Basics of Marketing with Promotional Products
Program & Campaign Ideas
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The Basics of Marketing with Promotional Products

What is a promotional product?

A promotional product, or advertising specialty, is any item imprinted with a logo, slogan, or advertising message that is given out to promote your company, organization, club, product, service, special achievement, or event. T-Shirts, mugs, pens, and key chains are popular examples. More importantly, promotional products are marketing tools to help you build your brand, or company/organization image, by creating greater visibility and awareness.

Promotional products are used for a number of activities and events, including:

  • Introducing New Products
  • Promoting Store, Branch, & Grand Openings
  • Motivating Sales Personnel
  • Introducing New Personnel
  • Building Company Pride
  • Opening New Accounts
  • Developing Trade Show Traffic
  • Balancing a Product Mix
  • Creating Meetings with a Theme
  • Activating Inactive or Dormant Accounts
  • Changing Names of Existing Products
  • Direct Mail and Door Openers
  • Motivating Consumers through Premium Offers
  • Moving Product at the Dealer / Wholesale Level
  • Improving or Maintaining Client Relations
  • Building a Company or Product Image
  • Motivating Employees with Special Programs (i.e., Safety & Wellness)
  • Promoting a New Facility or Service
  • Recognizing Employee Performance
Did You Know?

George Washington The first known promotional products in the United States were commemorative buttons dating back to the election of George Washington in 1789.

The Power of Branded Marketing

  • 71% of business professionals reported receiving a promotional product in the last 12 months.
  • 76.1% of consumers could remember a company’s brand when given a promotional product.
  • In comparison: 53% could recall the name of a single magazine or newspaper advertiser.
  • Spending on branded products was 83% greater than radio advertising, 73% greater than Internet display ads and nearly 5 times larger than outdoor advertising.

Top Reasons Businesses Use Promotional Products

  • Business gifts
  • Customer retention & loyalty programs
  • Trade shows
  • Employee incentives & recognition
  • Customer acquisition
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What are the advantages of promotional products?

Promotional products have an advantage over other marketing tools in that they have a practical use, which keeps their recipients using them again and again, creating repeat marketing exposure for your product or service without added expense. In addition, promotional products are flexible, tangible, have a high perception value, and complement other advertising efforts. Promotional products have been proven to drive traffic to tradeshow booths, improve response rates on direct mail campaigns, increase referrals, improve customer retention, and improve employee morale. Promotional products offer the opportunity to market your company, product, or service 7 days a week/24 hours a day. Best of all, promotional products generate a feeling of goodwill between you and your customers and allow customers to experience your marketing efforts with all 5 senses.

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How do I build a successful advertising or promotion campaign?

Successful advertising and promotional campaigns are more than just tchotskies. They piece together components of a marketing opportunity by focusing on objectives, target audience, theme, budget, distribution, and the right promotional item(s).

Objective: Ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish. Do you want to create brand awareness, increase trade show booth traffic, increase sales, or recognize employee efforts? Successful campaigns start with clear objectives. If you need help defining your objectives, our Campaign Creators are standing by.

Target Audience: Who are you trying to impress? If you were them, what would you want? Understanding the demographics of your target audience will help you choose a promotional product that will be appreciated and utilized.

Theme: Do you have an advertising theme? Themes help tie your marketing programs together with colors, taglines, symbols, or other visual elements.

Budget: Unfortunately, everyone has a budget. You’ll need to decide whether you want to have a campaign that reaches the masses or one that focuses more energy on qualified prospects. Will it be better for you to spend $1 per item to reach 2000 random prospects or send a $5 item to 400 highly targeted prospects?

Distribution: It’s important to remember that presentation and packaging can mean everything in some cases. Will you mail or hand-deliver your item? Weight may be of consideration if you are spending money on postage or if your recipients are carrying your items on an airplane after a long conference. If you’re recognizing employees or thanking your biggest customers, perhaps gift wrapping and personalized note cards are a more personal option.

Promotional Item Selection: Choosing the right promotional product to support your marketing efforts should be fun. If you are armed with a clear objective, cater to your target audience, incorporate a unique theme, consider your distribution options, and determine the right allocation for your budget, you’re sure to impress with success.

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What promotional product should I choose?

You should choose a promotional product that complements your brand. You know the value of promotional products, how providing a logo item to a customer, employee, or friend of an organization can make all the difference in an ongoing relationship. Gift giving is done for deliberate purpose by businesses, schools and charitable organizations. You want to encourage positive feelings, you like to show your generous spirit and you want to be remembered often.

In psychology they call it the law of reciprocity, and it is ingrained in our social interactions. If I give you something, there is the unspoken social rule that you should give me something in return. It is how charities and universities have conducted many successful fundraising campaigns. Positive actions nearly always generate a positive action in response, and that is at the core of promotional products.

But how do you go beyond putting your logo on a random product to improve this exchange? You should choose an item that both supports and enhances your brand. For example, Barnes & Noble is becoming more than a bookstore. They want to be a destination for people to enjoy a cup of coffee and peruse magazines. Items like coffee mugs and tote bags cater to their well-read clientele far better than flashlights or baseball caps. And with the Nook reader becoming a popular piece of hardware for those who download and read ebooks, the brand has even gone from bookworm to techie. A Nook case would be more than just a place for a Barnes & Noble logo, it also enhances the brand as a modern bookstore and supports their evolution to digital.

When you think about your brand and how to support it, plastic pens, water bottles, and stress balls may fall short. When your brand shouts quality, longevity, security, or other notable adjectives, premium products, even at a higher cost, can sometimes be the smarter choice.

We encourage you to get the most out of the law of reciprocity by offering the perfect promotional product that is not only useful and attractive, but also relevant to who you are as an organization. If you would like for one of our Campaign Creators, or Promote-a-Cause Specialists, to suggest a few ideas customized to meet your needs, complete our Campaign Support Form and we'll provide you with a few creative options within 1 business day. Not fast enough? No problem. Give us a call at 888.773.6280.

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What are the top tips or best guidelines for buying promotional products?

Buying promotional products can be expensive and stressful without the proper planning or the right distributor. Branding Iron Studios wants to be your marketing partner. We have tools to help you plan and select the right product at the right time for the right price. Here are some promotional product buying tips to get you started:

Avoid the rush: You should give yourself at least three weeks from start to finish to ensure the smooth production of your promotional products. You will want to add even more time if you have a very large or highly customized order. While Rush Services are always available, they can be expensive. Utilize our Marketing Planning Tools to help you avoid the costly fees associated with rush services and expand your product opportunities.

Choose your item carefully: It is important to choose the right product. Try not to choose your promotional product based on the latest trend or the lowest price. The right item will have value to your target audience and help you achieve the results you want.

Promote from within: Giving employees sweatshirts, t-shirts, and baseball caps can be a great way to increase external brand awareness while also building company loyalty. Go apparel shopping.

Planning pays: Developing a consistent theme for your promotion and preparing a detailed distribution strategy will maximize the impact of the items. Branding Iron Studios is here to help you generate some themes and other ideas that will help you accomplish your goals and Mark Their Minds!

Get feedback: It’s always good practice to test a sample of the promotional products you are considering on members of your intended audience or ask your intended audience about their thoughts on some suggestions. You may get valuable information, for example that the item you picked was the best giveaway at a recent tradeshow, or that while your employees enjoy working for you, they’re not particularly excited about wearing clothes made in the company colors. Reading reviews of the promotional products offered on Branding Iron Studios is also a great way of seeing what others thought of the items you’re considering and/or how they used them.

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Why offer promotional products, or premiums / giveaways, at a trade show?

Rewarding or thanking attendees for visiting your booth is a great way to encourage a positive experience with your company as well as remind them about your product or service. In addition, giveaways can often also work as an incentive for attendees to remain in the booth and participate in hands-on-learning activities and detailed product or service presentations. Choose your premiums thoughtfully by rewarding your visitors with products that have value to your target audience and/or keep your name in front of them when they are making decisions regarding your product or service.

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What type of item should I choose for my promotion?

The options are endless since anything your logo can fit on can be a great promotional item. With thousands of options, it's smart to be creative and think about what your target audience would use and find rewarding. The idea giveaways are the ones that best associate your company's product or service with an item related to your industry. This can range from useful and serious items to items that are silly and amusing. If you want some help with creative suggestions, fill out our Campaign Support Form and we'll get back to you within 1 business day.

Here are some of the major promotional products categories and their advantages and disadvantages to help you narrow your choices.


Apparel is the most popular category for promotional items. Promotional t-shirts, polo shirts, and caps are the most common. Other promotional apparel items include sweatshirts, fleece vests and blankets, rain jackets, and heavy-duty work jackets.
Advantages: Popularity, free advertising, great for building employee pride.
Disadvantages: Sizing can be challenging, more expensive than other promotional items, styles change over time.

Office Gifts

Office gifts are the second most popular category for promotional items. These include anything designed to be used at the office, including USB flash drives, sticky notes, padfolios, stress balls, photo holders, writing instruments, recognition awards, mousepads, and wristpads to name a few.
Advantages: Useful, one size fits all, can be cost-effective.
Disadvantages: Timing is important if you want your items to be used by the most people.

Food Gifts

Food gifts are another popular category for promotional items, especially during the holiday season. Food gifts include customized fruit baskets, coffee, wine and cheese baskets, candy, breath mints, and other perishables.
Advantages: Something for every budget, appreciated by most people.
Disadvantages: Promote for a limited time, doesn't take food allergies into consideration.

These are just a few of the many promotional products available to you. You can put your logo, your tagline, and your message on everything from golf balls to wine glasses. The key is to make smart, impactful choices. For example, a tire shop may want to give away tire pressure gauges with a logo and phone number. And a technology business might want to give away customized mousepads that highlight the reasons customers should do business with them. A bank that wants to build customer loyalty might have success with giving away desk calculators that have the bank's logo and value proposition on them.

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What types of organizations purchase promotional products?

Almost every organization has purchased some form of promotional products to support their sales efforts, increase employee morale, brand their company, or thank their most valuable customers and employees. Purchasers of promotional products include companies from many industries, including:

  • Education: Schools & Seminars
  • Financial: Banks, Savings & Loans, Credit Unions, Stock Brokers
  • Healthcare: Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Pharmacies Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Construction: Building Trades, Building Supplies
  • Government: Public Offices, Agencies, Political Candidates Trade, Professional Associations & Civic Clubs
  • Real Estate: Agents, Title Companies, Appraisers
  • Automotive: Manufacturers, Dealers, Parts Suppliers Professional: Doctors, Lawyers, CPA's, Architects
  • Insurance: Companies, Agents, Adjusters
  • Entertainment & Sporting Events Hospitality: Hotels & Motels
  • Media: Broadcast/Print Media, AD/PR Agencies
  • Wholesalers & Distributors Restaurants & Bars
  • Computers & Software
  • Telecommunications: Cellular Phones, Pagers, Internet Utilities: Telephone, Electric, Gas
  • Manufacturers: Pharmaceutical & Chemical
  • Retailers & Shopping Malls Food Processors/Beverage Bottlers
  • Travel: Air, Cruise, Train, Bus Lines, Agencies
  • Petroleum: Exploration, Refining, Distributors, Gas Stations Agriculture/Agribusiness
  • Apparel: Manufacturers and Retailers
  • Brewers/Distillers/Distributors of Alcoholic Beverages Office Products & Supplies Manufacturers
  • Public Transportation
  • Grocery Stores

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Program & Campaign Ideas

We've compiled a number of program and campaign ideas in many categories, and this is just the beginning of our opportunity to service you. Use our Campaign Support Form for great ideas within 24 hours or call us at 888.773.6280 to speak with a Campaign Creator, or a Promote-a-Cause Specialist, to discuss custom ideas created just for you.

Branding Iron Studios Theme Box

Using specific products to tie themes together

Marketing campaigns are often developed on themes. Promotional products can provide a tangible, long-lasting impact for the message you want to resonate. Here are some general theme building ideas from people who have purchased promotional products to help you get your creative wheels turning.

Product UsedSlogans Used
Fish Stress Balls "Make a splash!"; "Fishing for new business?"; "Go tropical."; "Not another fish story."; "Get in the swim of things."
Brain Stress Balls "Smart decisions"; "Something to think about"; "Join the brain trust"; "Mind over matter"
Bee Stress Balls "What's all the buzz about?"; "A honey of a deal"; "Killer deals"; "Plan Bee"; "Be a team player"
Football Items "We can tackle any problem!"; "Don't drop the ball!"; "Kickoff event"
Baseball Items "Let's play ball!"; "We go to bat for you"; "We cover all the bases"; "Hit a home run"; "Get in the game"; "Hit one out of the park with us!"; "Swing for the fences"
Golf Items "Excellence is par for the course"; "Tee off with a winner"; "Sink a hole in one with us"; "I like good putts and I cannot lie"
Hockey Items "Put the competition on ice"'; "He shoots! He scores!"; "The puck stop here"
Basketball Items "Nothing but net."'; "Hoop it up"; "Shootout"; "Take your best shot"; "March Madness"
Car Kits "You auto be safe!"; "Safety is in the bag"; "Don't get stranded"; "We'll come to the rescue"
Cooler Bags "We won't leave you out in the cold"; "Thermally yours"; "It's in the bag"; "Keep your cool with us"; "Go thermal!"
Lunch Bags "Let's do lunch"; "Quality is in the bag"; "Let us keep you warm"
Calculators "The numbers don't lie!"; "Calculate the value"; "Us + You = Success"; "It all adds up to success"
Letter Openers "Always on the cutting edge"; "Always open to new ideas"; "To the letter"; "Opening new doorways"; "The slice of life"; "Opening new avenues"
Photo Frames "Sharing the smiles with you"; "Making memories"; "Picture us in your future"
Computer Mouse "Click on us for ideas"; "We'll help you stay connected"; "Computing the value"
Tools "Building a better future"; "The building blocks of success"; "Building lasting relationships"; "Building our future together"; "We're your multipurpose tool"; "Fixing what's broke"; The right tool for the right job"; "Quality you can measure" (measuring tape)
Eagle Items "Soar with the eagles"; "Flying high"; "Just wing it"; "We've got talons!"
Flashlights "Light up sales with us"; "Glow with a winner"; "Your light in the darkness"; "Safety first"; "Be safe and sound"; "Shining a little light"; "We're here for you in a flash"
Speakers/Earphones The sweet sound of success"; "Listen to value"; "Value you can hear"; "Rocking the industry"; "Hearing is believing"; "The sound of something big!"; "Hear what's new"
Wine Items "Uncork the fun!"; "A great year for us"; "Let the good times flow"; "To our success"
Desk Organizers "Keeping you organized"; "A place for everything"; "We revolve around you"; "We belong together"
Sewing Kit "Don't come unraveled!"; "We have service all sewn up"; "We're on pins and needles to have you as our customer!"
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Product/Service Marketing

Introducing a new product or service to market

When introducing a new product or service to the market you have a moment of opportunity in which to make a strong impact with your target audience while the noise level is high. Why not turn up the volume, and jump on this moment of opportunity by providing a promotional item that speaks to the product or service and keeps your message in the forefront of their mind.

Building employee pride at launch

During a product launch, much of the attention is given to your external customers or the end consumer. But what about your internal customers, your employees? Building employee pride at launch will help keep the inspirational momentum of your new product launch alive. Sometimes, especially with very large corporations, some product launches go unnoticed or under-publicized with employees or departments that may not have been part of the development or marketing teams. Building employee pride throughout the corporation builds momentum for ongoing product support and innovation.

Give them customized apparel they can wear outside of the organization and share with others the accomplishments of their company. Give them a writing instrument or a portfolio that they can use on a daily basis, and reminds them of their own contributions to the organization.

Your employees are your greatest assets. Keep them loyal by making them proud about their own personal accomplishments and the future success of the organization.

Using a promotional product to make an updated statement about a product or service

As products go through their life cycle there are moments to reintroduce the product to a new audience or opportunities to identify new features or benefits of the product or service. At a new product launch there is a moment of opportunity to make a strong impact while the noise level is high.

Choose a promotional item that has utility to your new audience or connects with your new marketing features or benefits of the product or service.

Try a promotional item from our Kitchen & Home or Tools, Knives & Flashlights categories for highlighting your logo or statement with a new demographic. Use some items from our Desktop & Office Accessories category that allow for additional copy to help promote your new marketing message.

Use this moment to make as much noise as you can and to drown out your competition. Chances are you won't be updating your service or product marketing message for a long time. Invest in the opportunity and do it right with a promotional item from Branding Iron Studios that will truly Mark Their Minds!

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Employee Incentive Programs

Building a new employee incentive program

Employee recognition and incentive programs can help increase retention, productivity and employee morale. They can also decrease turnover by encouraging loyalty. When designing a program, be sure to clearly define what behavior you want to reward and encourage within your company.

You will want to make sure that the program is aligned with your company’s mission, vision and value system.

Know what your budget is, how long it will last, who will be responsible for it, and who is eligible for the program. Recognize all levels of employees and make sure everyone has a chance to receive noteworthy recognition. Employees are motivated in different ways. It will be important for you to identify what is important to them and offer a variety of rewards for their achievements. You may want to establish a point based system where they are awarded for individual as well as group achievements.

Use promotional items to emphasize the messaging of your organization and build noise around the incentives. Use well thought out awards that will be appreciated for months to come.

Go to Balloons & Inflatables and Caps, Hats & Bandanas categories to see a selection of items that could help you build excitement with your messaging around the program. Or visit Awards, Motivation & Recognition to see a variety of gifts and awards that could be used to recognize the earned and extraordinary actions by your greatest asset – your employee.

Enhancing an existing employee incentive program

If you have already established an employee incentive program, the excitement or knowledge about these programs can diminish over time. It is important to keep the excitement alive by reminding your employees what the company has invested with them and what they are able to receive from their achievements.

It’s not enough to just have a program. You need to get the message out. Use reminder promotions using games or a desktop flip album pre-filled with your incentive messages that communicates to your employees the value you place upon them and the opportunities available through the incentive program. Educate your managers first, and engage them to share the message along with promotional items to get the information disseminated throughout your organization.

Introduce new award items that are sure to increase additional excitement surrounding the incentive program. New items found in the New Arrivals section of Branding Iron Studios are consistently updated and provide new and inspirational options.

Contact our Campaign Support Specialists to help you with some inspiration to enhance your current program.

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Trade Shows

Increasing booth traffic at a trade show

Corporations – large or small – spend thousands of dollars to attend a tradeshow. The show’s success depends on how much traffic you get at your booth, how many leads you take away with you, and how many potential customers remember your brand when they leave. If you make the investment to attend the show, be sure to make the investment to remind your customers about your brand. Will you be on their mind after they leave the show?

Know your audience and choose an Office Accessory like a mousepad that they can use at the office so they are reminded of your message each day they use it. Choose Pens & Pencils that are lightweight and continue the promotional message after they leave the captivating moment of your booth sales team. With higher priced items like Computer & Technology Accessories, you could generate interest to your booth by providing these items to the first 10, 20, or 50 visitors each day. Present a level of fun competition with your tradeshow attendees. Make your booth the most desired and top of their list to visit at the first of the day.

Choose a highly desired item such as luggage or mp3 / mp4 player to be used in a drawing, a game, or an incentive to participate in marketing research at your booth. These items will not only provide a strong incentive and be talked about at the office, but they will take away with them the messaging you intended to keep on the forefront of your customers minds. Your investment in a tradeshow is enhanced whenever your message has a vehicle to echo that message after the show has passed.

Using effective trade show giveaways for your product or service

You’ve spent thousands of dollars to get to the tradeshow, spend some time strategically selecting the promotional items that connect with your audience, product or service, that will remain with your customers after the show. There are many promotional items that work well at tradeshow such as a USB drive or jotter pads or totes & bags that offer immediate utility to your customers at the show, and for many, utility even after they leave the show.

As you strategize about which promotional items will enhance your investment at your tradeshow, think about items your competitors may not have, items that may be new to the market and items that connect well with your target audience.

Use our Campaign Support Form for a few creative options that will help you impact your audience during this planned investment.

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Holiday & Client Gifts

Effective strategies for getting the most out of holiday gifts

Holidays are great opportunities throughout the year to reconnect with your customers to celebrate the holiday and remind them about your product or service. As you use this moment to reconnect with your audience don’t be overbearing with your message so it takes away from the message of the holiday. Respect the importance, the joy, and the celebration of the holiday and use your promotional item with your logo to connect with that celebration.

For a list of holidays and promotional connections to help celebrate see our holiday gift ideas or ask our Campaign Support Specialists to assist you.

Using client gifts to help with customer retention

Many times it has been said that it takes years to get a new customer, months to retain them, and seconds to lose them. Most studies today suggest that it is 7 times more costly to acquire new customers than it is to keep your existing customers happy.

Customer loyalty is critical to the success of any company. Show your customers they are appreciated with a gift that celebrates a new purchase, a renewed contract, an acknowledgement that they have remained loyal when the competition may have been increasing their efforts, or simply a gift that recognizes something important in their own personal lives.

Letting your customers know they are important helps keep your brand at the top of their list when purchasing decisions are being made. Know your customers well and know the gifts that speak volumes to the loyalty they provide to your organization.

See our Food, Drink & Candy line for some gifts that show customer appreciation.

Ask our Campaign Support Specialists to help you keep the customers you already have.

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Company/Organization Image

Building a professional image with customers

In today’s diverse workplace, increased exposure to competitive offerings, and accessible information about your company through the internet, your actions and motives are constantly under scrutiny. Now is the time to manage your own professional image before others do it for you.

Your customers are constantly making note of your service and your brand experience and are vocalizing this image with other key decision makers within their own organization.

Knowing this, you can be the author of your own professional identity and can use promotional items to communicate to your audience the professional image you want them to see. Use a promotional items to connect your logo with core competencies and character traits you want them to associate with you, such as a flash drive to communicate how quickly you get things done.

Act the way you want to be perceived. But also TELL them who you are with a promotional item that speaks this to them daily. Take a strategic, proactive approach to managing your image.

Use a strategic promotional item from Branding Iron Studios that reminds them of the professional experience they have with you.

Using promotional products to build employee pride

Your employees are your greatest asset. If an employee feels pride within an organization, the loyalty and performance of that employee is bound to increase with that pride. Select a polo shirt from our apparel category or a hat that displays your brand or company logo for your employees to wear with pride. Don't hesitate to use our Campaign Support Specialists to help you identify items that could help you build employee pride.

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Recognition & Service Awards

Using employee recognition to bolster company, and individual, success:

Believe it or not, studies show that many employees are not as loyal as you think. A large percentage of them are seeking "better" employment or would leave immediately if another position popped up. Your business depends on having committed loyal employees and retaining talented resources. Don't spend valuable corporate resources to replace your staff, but motivate your current employees in ways that will create a sense of loyalty and respect throughout your workplace. An excellent way of doing this is by creating employee recognition programs. Spotlighting an individuals’ performance within a corporation motivates that employee and creates an environment where employees know that their service is being watched and appreciated.

Use awards such as: employee of the month, sales incentive awards, safety incentives, service awards, achievement awards, advertising awards, milestone gifts and many other promotional awards to help recognize the best within your organization.

Let our Campaign Support Specialists help you identify the best award for the employee within your organization. Or browse our Awards, Motivation & Recognition category to see the many options available considering the type of award and the budget you have in mind.

Most people within an organization just want a little recognition for their hard work and know that they are appreciated and are part of a team.

Recognizing volunteers for extraordinary contributions

Volunteers are a great asset to many organizations, including non-profits, schools, fundraisers, and churches. Recognize the contributions of your volunteers with a special award to let them know how much you've appreciated their efforts. They will appreciate the recognition and will be inspired to continuing serving.

Increasing employee attendance

When people are satisfied in their jobs and they consider themselves an essential part of the company, they are more apt to achieve regular attendance and report to work on time or attend important company events. Developing this kind of enduring employee confidence require constant and constructive communication with the employees and continuous acknowledgment.

Use promotional items to communicate and acknowledge your employees to help build morale. Desk accessories can be used to remind your employees of the role that they contribute to the team, and can be used to acknowledge their hard work and performance.

Use awards that recognize personal milestones of achievement. Provide corporate gifts at important corporate events that encourage employee attendance.

Items from our team athletic wear or game categories not only act as an incentive to attend an event, but also can be used to communicate corporate messaging that enhances company values and improved employee morale.

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Impactful Business Events

Using company events to build employee morale and team pride

Corporate events are ideal routes to increase staff motivation and trigger performance improvement. Your employees are the assets that help drive your business forward. Motivated, skilled and empowered employees achieve more. Invest in yourself, in your employees, in their success and they will invest in the success of the business.

Using your company picnic to build employee and team pride

Employee picnics and other fun filled events are great ways to place your employees in an environment away from the office and encourages them to build relationships and team spirit.

Consider grouping your employees into teams at these fun filled events. Let them choose or design their own team name, mascot, or tagline. Caps, T-shirts, jackets and other apparel worn at these events will help build team spirit and pride.

Consider having some friendly competitions at these events and provide some memorable awards, plaques and trophies, or watches and clocks to help add to the creative energy and keep this event alive as a team building opportunity for months to come.

Use balloons and inflatables with your company name, values, vision, goals, products, services, displayed on them. Create an environment that is festive and use it as an opportunity to build your own brand within your own organization. It's important to build your brand with your internal customers as well as your external customers. Go ahead. Use a promotional item from Branding Iron Studios and Mark Their Minds!

Great ideas for the corporate holiday party

We've all heard a good story or two about the office party. These truly are memorable events. It's important to use this once-in-a-year opportunity to create memories, show appreciation, and build the momentum of your company for the coming year.

Celebrate in the success of a product launch or performance over the last year. Use backpacks or sport duffels to make note of the brand's success and build momentum for the coming year.

Most importantly you will want to use this event to show appreciation to your employees for their loyal service and for the support from their friends and family. A personalized gift is very appropriate and shows the employee how much you care. Choose something that they will get utility from such as a flashlight or an umbrella. Or something that they will cherish and create memories for many years ahead like a photo frame. Also use this time to recognize employees with achievement awards.

You have once a year to use this event as a wonderful celebration. Do it right and create memories that will last for many months and years to come.

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Memorable Personal Events

Ideas for weddings that leave lasting impressions

A wedding is such an important event in a couple's lives, filled with beautiful memories for not just the couple themselves, but for the many guests they have selected to share in the celebration.

Whether it is for the couple, the brides maids, the grooms men, or all the guests, lasting impressions can be shared from the most simple of items such as an engraved pen or key holder, or more unique and customized gifts such as a customized watch, photo frame, golf club or item from our wine accessories category. You could also consider an engraved crystal piece of art with a special message from you for the couple to be.

Seasonal items for your wedding and theme weddings have a certain charm as well and speak volumes about the personality of the couple. Select items that add to the festive emotion of your event. Drinkware and picture frames are great gifts that leave that special lasting impression and personalize your wedding day.

Branding Iron Studios is here to help you Mark Their Minds! with a distinctive selection of wedding favors, bridal shower favors, and bachelor party favors. From keychains to steins to koozies to games, Branding Iron Studios has a variety of choices to make your event more memorable.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are dedicated to making your shopping experience an enjoyable one. We know how stressful planning a wedding or party can be, so we want to assure you that we treat every event as if it were our own. Our dedicated team will not only assist you in picking the perfect wedding favors for your event, but provide unique wedding planning ideas and make that extra important step to make sure that your favors and gifts arrive in perfect condition and on time.

Let Branding Iron Studios help you Mark Their Minds! and leave that lasting impression for the many months and years to come.

Ideas for family and school reunions

Reuniting with friends and family is one of those cherished moments in life where we are able to walk down the memory lane with those who are so much a part of our lives. Walking down memory lane is important, but what about creating memories for the future.

Make these reunions, events that will last a lifetime, build relationships, and foster new memories for the years to come.

School reunions share in the pride that you had when you were all together. Bring back that pride and those memories with team apparel and baseball caps that include your school mascot, your school name and colors.

Add some friendly competition in your family reunion with family team attire. Select an imprint such as "TEAM JONES" or "TEAM ERICKSON" that helps one another know where each family member stems from and creates a playful team environment with all family members.

Or choose to have a more personalized item such as a with the school name and reunion date inscribed. Or a plaque with the family name(s) and the date of your family reunion inscribed.

These special events are just a handful of reunion opportunities that we have in our lifetime to create those cherished memories. Let Branding Iron Studios help you Mark Their Minds! and make your reunion one that will never be forgotten.

Ideas for big birthday celebrations

Everyone loves a big birthday celebration. As we get older, we tend to love even more the celebration of others' birthdays than we do the celebration of our own.

Whether its for your birthday or someone you love, a one year old, sweet 16, Bat Mitzvah, over-the-hill, or a 90th year celebration, you can never go overboard with a big birthday bash celebration. Let Branding Iron Studios help provide you with gift and decorating ideas that go along with the theme of your birthday celebration.

Kids Birthdays
Kids can day dream and fantasize all day long. Their imaginations are always running wild. Many young boys will dream about becoming a cop, or a baseball player, a doctor, or a fireman. Young girls may fantasize about being a mother with her own children, a doctor, a dancer, or a princess with her shining tiara and diamond embellished scepter.

This is a time to help them live their fantasy. Explore our Fun & Games category for customized options that will help you with your theme. Consider some custom youth apparel to help build teams or themes at the birthday event.

Bar Mitzvah / sweet 16 parties
Almost as a right of passage, these momentous celebrations show how much you care and celebrate in their life's journey.

Create an environment with theme decorations and provide gifts for the guests that will help make this a moment to always celebrate and remember. Explore our Fun & Games and Event Planning categories to help create a festive theme. Don't forget to think about great gifts for the guests as they all come together to help celebrate this fun filled day.

Over the Hill.
It's always so much fun to remind someone how old they are really getting. This is one birthday that will always be remembered. Celebrate by decorating the party with balloons printed with the guest of honors name on each and every item. Get more ideas by browsing our Fun & Games and Event Planning categories.

For the guests, fun gifts such as games they can continue to play after the event help create lasting memories and remind the birthday "boy or girl" how old they've really become.

Whether its birthday 1, 40 or 99, Branding Iron Studios is here to help you Mark Their Minds! with memorable gifts and decorative items that add to this fun and festive occasion.

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Custom Ideas

If you would like for one of our Campaign Creators, or Promote-a-Cause Specialists, to suggest a few ideas customized to meet your needs, complete our Campaign Support Form and we'll provide you with a few creative options within 1 business day. Not fast enough? No problem. Give us a call at 888.773.6280.

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