Services - Custom Promotional Products

Need a promotional item that matches your product or mascot? Have an idea for a promotional product that will support your marketing campaign?  Let Branding Iron Studios be your partner in creating custom-built promotional products that support your marketing efforts.

Global Sourcing At Affordable Rates

Branding Iron Studios has negotiated contracts with manufacturers from around the globe to give you the opportunity to create unique, Brand specific promotional items at reasonable rates. While you can easily customize one of our thousands of production-ready items, you also have the opportunity to work with us to create a custom designed and manufactured product that will truly reflect the uniqueness of your Brand.

Forget About the Challenges Associated with Overseas Sourcing

We're here to help you Mark Their Minds! with award-winning promotional items. We can take your idea and make it real, or you can let our design team present you with our unique ideas for custom options that fit your objectives. In the end, we'll design it, we'll create it, and we'll get it delivered to you on-time. We promise not to burden you with the hassles of customs, importing regulations, or the management of overseas production.

Reasonable Minimum Quantities & Production Schedules

Our global network of manufacturers provides us the opportunity to negotiate reasonable minimum quantities and production schedules. In the past, you may have been beholden to large order quantities with 8 -12 week lead times for custom designed products. Using the benefit of today's global manufacturing environment, we've been able to negotiate custom orders with as few as 1000 pieces and get them delivered within 5 weeks. In addition, we can provide you with free pre-production samples to ensure that every aspect of the design meets your expectations.

Let Branding Iron Studios quote your custom design project today!  Complete our Custom Design Quote Request Form or call us at 888.773.6280.