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This is a compilation of the most commonly asked questions related to ordering custom promotional products on our web site. If you have any additional questions related to our products or services, please don't hesitate to call us at 888.773.6280 or send us an email at support@brandingironstudios.com. We look forward to servicing you.

Artwork – Preparing / Uploading / Changing
Minimum Orders
National Account RFPs/RFQs
Order Changes/Cancellations
Order Process
Order Status & Tracking
Our Guarantees
Payment Options
Return Policy
Rush Orders
Size Chart

Artwork – Preparing / Uploading / Changing

The right artwork can make all the difference in your professional image and we’re here to ensure that you get the best quality possible with every order.

What if I don’t have art or need modifications made to my art?

No problem! Branding Iron Studios offers award-winning graphical design services for our customers. All minor art modifications used for product preparation will be made as a complimentary service to our customers. If you need art created or converted from raster to vector format, our talented team of graphic designers can design something for you at competitive rates. Visit our Graphic Design & Marketing Services pages to learn more. If you have questions about your art, you can call us at 888.773.6280 or email them to support@brandingironstudios.com.

What if I don’t have time to mess with art?

We understand. You can place your order without art and simply let us know during the checkout process using the comment fields that you need help with your art. We can take what you supply, or give you a quote to create something new, and provide you with virtual samples for your approval. Production will begin once we have received your approval on the virtual samples.

How accurate are the colors I see on screen?

We know how challenging it can be to order something online and have it arrive in a color that does not agree with what we thought we ordered. It’s important to know that colors can vary onscreen depending on the quality and age of your monitor, but actual colors imprinted on your items will be matched as closely as possible to the artwork you supply.

How long will you keep my artwork?

Your artwork will be saved for two years after your last order.

How will I know that my design will look right on the product?

We will never start production without an approval from you on a virtual sample. Whether you create the virtual sample using the “Add your Logo” feature next to each product, or we create the virtual sample for you based on the art you give us, you’ll always have an image that shows what your design will look like on the product before it goes into production.

Should I use artwork containing PMS colors?

We accept files with Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors, but they will be converted to RGB colors for display on your monitor. If you need exact matches for PMS colors, please note this during the order process to ensure that it gets passed on with your order. Don’t worry if you do not know your PMS colors since all artwork will be matched as closely as possible using stock ink colors at no additional charge. Extra charges may apply for exact PMS color matching and we will let you know these optional charges during the ordering process.

What are the preferred image formats?

For the best results, we prefer scalable vector formats with fonts converted to outlines or curves. This includes .EPS, .AI, & .CDR files.

What if I need to make changes to the art?

Production will not begin until you are completely satisfied with your virtual sample. It’s your image and we want to make sure you’re happy with it. Your products should clearly represent your brand, your style, and your image. We’ll work with you to get your artwork exactly the way you want it. You’ll have the option of letting us know that you need assistance with your art during the check-out process. We’ll let you know what you’re options are once we receive your requests and art files.

What is the difference between vector and raster artwork?

Vector graphics use mathematical algorithms to scale up or down without a loss of image resolution. Raster, or bitmap, graphics use a collection of individual dots, or pixels, of various colors and do not always scale with the exactness of vector files.

What is the minimum resolution for artwork?

EPS, AI, & CDR are our preferred image formats and can be accepted at any size. If you are using raster or bitmap art (e.g. .BMP, .JPG, .GIF, .TIF), we recommend 1200X1200 pixels, or at least 600 dpi for the best image quality.

What types of fonts do you offer?

We offer several popular font choices and you can specify a particular font during the ordering process and we will do our best to match it. If sending vector/print ready artwork (.EPS, .AI, .CDR) with embedded fonts, please be sure that all fonts are converted to curves or outlines to avoid any font substitution.

When should I select 4-color process?

4-color process, or CMYK, will re-create photographic or painting-like images. Most logos do not require 4-color process since they are usually limited to 1, 2 or 3 colors. However, some designs use 4-color process when they want to re-create a multi-color design. 4-color process is more economical when needing to imprint an item with more than 3 colors.

Where do I upload my artwork?

Artwork can be uploaded in three areas: 1) using your preference-based My Branding Iron pages or 2) using the “Add Your Logo” button after you have selected a particular product, or 3) on the “Artwork“ tab during the ordering process. All artwork that you upload will be available for your future use once you Login.

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Minimum Orders

Don’t need so many? We understand. All of our products have minimum order quantities that are designed to keep the customization costs reasonable for our Customers. We understand that not everyone needs 250 chotskies. When perusing our product database, you can focus on looking at products with small order minimums by sorting your search results by “minimum order quantity”.

Can I order less than the minimum?

In some cases we are able to offer you a smaller quantity for a nominal fee and this will be noted on the product detail page, under the Pricing Details tab as the "less than minimum" charge.

Can I order 1 item without an imprint?

Yes. This would be considered a sample.

How do I know what the minimum order quantity is?

The first column of pricing on each product detail page will show the lowest quantity available for order. For example, if the first column states 12-24 for $4.15 each, your minimum order would be 12 for that product.

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National Account RFPs/RFQs

In some instances, you may need a request for proposal (RFP) or request for quotation (RFQ).

Do you have the ability to respond to RFP’s / RFQ’s?

Of course. If you need help with a request for proposal or a request for quotation, the National Accounts team at Branding Iron Studios is ready to help. Please call us at 888.773.6280, option 5, or email it to us at nationalaccounts@brandingironstudios.com.

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Order Changes/Cancellations

We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise where changes need to be made after you have approved your virtual sample and submitted your order and we will make every effort to change or cancel your order at your request. Please call us with these concerns as soon as possible at 888.773.6280.

What is your standard policy regarding order changes and cancellations?

You should call us at 888.773.6280 as soon as possible with any cancellation or change requests. Your orders are submitted for production as soon as we receive your approved virtual sample and appropriate art files. If your order has not yet started the production process, we will halt the presses and you will not be charged any fees. If you have a change that results in additional set-up requirements, like more colors, we’ll let you know when you contact us.

If your order has already reached the pre-production set-up phase by the time we hear from you, there may be some cancellation or change charges that apply. These charges cover the cost associated with the work necessary to get your customized product ready for the assembly line and we are not able to waive these fees.

Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel or change your order once production has begun. However, we can save you shipping fees if we hear from you prior to the product being transferred to the carrier and this can be a substantial savings for large orders.

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Order Process

We know ordering promotional products can be an exhausting task. We are committed to making it as easy and comfortable for you as possible. With so many choices, and so many options for every choice, it can be enough to make your head spin. Let’s break it down.

How does your ordering process work?

Select a Product > Select your Options > Confirm Your Art > Check-out

Sounds easy, right? It should be that easy. Rest assured that any questions you have during the order process can be noted in the comments field provided and we will not move forward with your order until your questions have been answered and we have your approval. While there are many products and many options, we can help you there as well. You can use our Project Maximizer to narrow product selections based on some simple inputs from you. If you’d like for us to personally recommend some options, you can have one or our Campaign Creators or Promote-a-Cause Specialist suggest a few ideas within 1 business day.

What if I don’t know what options to choose during the ordering process?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. If you have any questions during the ordering process, simply note your question(s) in the comment box provided during each step of the order process. We will not move forward with your order until your questions have been answered and we have your approval. You can also call us at 888.773.6280, Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM PST.

In addition, there are informational quick links available to you during the ordering process to help clarify all of your options and make it easier for you to make informed decisions.

What if I have discount or referral code?

Lucky you! You may enter your discount and referral codes on the last page of the check-out process. Your new totals will be calculated before the final confirmation is received.

What if I need my stuff faster than the standard production time listed?

We understand how time flies and remembering to order promotional products weeks in advance will sometimes escape you. If you are on a tight timeframe, we encourage you to order products from our Procrastination Station where production times are often less than 3 days. In addition, we often offer rush service on most products as well for a noted fee. Just select the rush service option during the order process and we’ll get your stuff to you faster. It's important to note that rush production applies to production only and you'll need to build in time for art approval and shipping.

What if I want to see and feel the product before making a large purchase?

No problem! We actually encourage you to order samples so that you can feel confident about your purchase.

What are run or running charges?

Charges directly related to the cost of production including materials, press time, other machine operations and labor are called running charges. The more colors used in the printing process to customize the product, the greater the cost assessed. Set up and tear down of the press is the most costly during the printing process and the most time consuming. A screen or plate is produced for each color, and the process involves setup, the application of the color, tear down and clean up. This progression is repeated until all colors are applied. Then there is a drying time followed by packaging and shipping. The number of colors used on an order, therefore, effects the final cost of the product. But while those additional charges can be frustrating, don't underestimate the impact of a full-color design on a great product that "wows" the customer.

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Order Status & Tracking

We know how important it is for you to know where your orders are at any given time and have made it exceptionally easy for you to find out using your My Branding Iron account.

How can I find out where my order is?

By logging into your My Branding Iron account and clicking on “Order Status”, you’ll be able to see exactly where your order is in the process at any time. Once your order has shipped, you can click on the link to get a status from the shipping carrier. In addition, we will send you email updates with the status of your order whenever the status changes.

What if I have questions about my order status?

Just call us at 888.773.6280, Monday - Friday, between 8 AM - 5 PM PST. We’re happy to help you with any questions you have.

Where can I view my past orders?

By logging into your My Branding Iron account and clicking on “Order Status”, you’ll be able to see all current and past orders for samples and imprinted products. You will also be able to place reorders from here.

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Our Guarantees

We want you to be completely satisfied with your customized products and we guarantee that we will imprint your products exactly as you have approved on your virtual digital sample and that they will arrive on time.

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee or a no risk policy?

Yes! In the event that your products differ from the virtual sample you approved, we’ll replace the merchandise and do whatever it takes to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your order and your experience with Branding Iron Studios. If your order arrives damaged, or your products are defective in any way, we will send a corrected order free of charge.

Your orders are important to us and we commit to doing everything possible to prevent mistakes on orders before they go into production. We intend to preserve our outstanding record for service and quality and keep you coming back for more.

What should I do if there is something wrong with my order?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your order. Be sure to call us at 888.773.6280 within 30 days of receipt of your order so we can promptly resolve any issues. We will issue you a return authorization number and may arrange for a pick-up of your damaged or defective order at no cost to you.

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Due to the nature of the printing methods used to economically produce your custom imprinted products in bulk, there will occasionally be over-runs and under-runs.

What are over-runs or under-runs?

Occasionally, you may receive a slight overage or shortage on your order, these are called over-runs or under-runs. The industry standard on most products is ± 5%. You will only be charged for the actual quantity shipped.

What if I need an exact amount?

We understand. Please note this during the order process in the comment field provided. We may be able to make arrangements to meet your exact needs prior to submitting your order for production and this may require an additional charge. We’ll let you know what your options are before proceeding.

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Payment Options

You can pay for your Branding Iron Studios purchases using our secure server during the check-out process.

Do you offer credit terms?

Yes, we will offer credit to large businesses and government entities. Credit approval is at the discretion of Branding Iron Studios and we reserve the right to refuse credit to anyone for any reason. All terms and conditions related to credit lines are explained on the credit application. To request a credit application, please email us at support@brandingironstudios.com or call us at 888.773.6280.

What are your payment options and terms?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, corporate purchasing cards (P-cards), and electronic checks. We will not bill your credit card until your order has been fulfilled and we will only bill you for the exact quantity shipped.

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A reorder is a repeat of an item or duplicate you have ordered before with the logo and imprint color remaining the same.

Can I order more of something I ordered in the past or place a duplicate/repeat order?

Yes! Just login to your My Branding Iron account and click on the Order Status link. You’ll see your order history and all you need to do is click on the Reorder link to place another order for the same product and imprint. You can choose new quantity and shipping options during the order process. If you have any questions, please call us at 888.773.6280.

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Return Policy

Our ongoing relationship with you is important to us and we commit to doing everything possible to prevent mistakes on orders before they go into production. We intend to preserve our outstanding record for service and quality to keep you as a long-standing customer.

What is your return goods policy?

If your order arrives damaged or defective in any way, or your imprint differs in a material way from the virtual sample you approved, you must contact us at 888.773.6280 within 30 days of receipt of your order to obtain a return authorization. We may arrange for a pick-up of your damaged or defective order to process your corrected order free of charge. If you do not want a corrected order, credits or refunds will be issued upon receipt and inspection of the returned merchandise.

Except in the case of manufacturing defects, or imprint errors not approved by you, we are unable to accept returns on personalized promotional items.

What else should I know about returns?

Please do not return items to our corporate address or to the address on the packing materials. Our customer service team will provide you with all of the information you will need to properly process a return.

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Rush Orders

Need it yesterday? We understand and we have several options for you.

Can I get products faster than the stated production time?

Many of our products can be produced faster than the time frames listed for a noted nominal fee during normal season (end-of-year Holiday rush is usually out of the question). Just select the rush production option during the order process and we’ll get your stuff to you faster. If you need help finding the right product, on the right timeframe, just call us at 888.773.6280.

How do I find products with fast production times?

The easiest way to locate products with fast production times is to visit our Procrastination Station. You can then sort by production time and see that we have hundreds of items that can be produced in 1 to 3 business days without any extra charges! That’s right, FREE rush production on hundreds of products! 

What are some of the limitations of rush production?

Most items that can be produced in 1-3 business days have an imprint limitation to one color and one location. In addition, sometimes there are quantity requirements for rush products. All of this information will be available to you when you are going through the ordering process.

What else should I know about rush items?

It’s important to keep in mind that production times do not include shipping time. Our order process defaults to the lowest cost ship method available to ensure an on-time delivery, and you should always verify that the shipping options are meeting your needs. Most importantly, production time + shipping time = delivery time. All times reflect business days.  In addition, production time does not begin until we have art approval.

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We want you to feel confident about your purchase and samples are the perfect way to “try before you buy”. We encourage you to order samples whenever possible so you can “see and feel” the quality of the product you’ll be imprinting with your message. We’ll provide free samples up to $10 per sample order including shipping.  If the cost of the sample order exceeds $10, we will ask that you cover the difference.  We’ll do our best to accommodate all requests, but we may ask for a deposit or deny a sample request if we think the request for samples has become cost prohibitive.

How do I order a sample?

To request a blank sample, please login to your My Branding Iron account and select the "Request a Sample" link or email us at support@brandingironstudios.com.

How fast can I get a sample?

Blank samples can usually be shipped within 3 business days of the request.

Is there an easy way to order a product that I have requested a sample for?

Yes! Just login to your My Branding Iron account and click on the “Order Status” link. You’ll see the samples you have ordered and all you need to do to place an order for that product is click on the “Order Now” link to start the order process.

Can I order a pre-production proof?

Yes, pre-production proofs, or samples of the product you are ordering with your imprint, are available for most of our products. Pre-production proofs require pre-payment of set-up fees and the cost of the item and will usually be produced within 5-10 business days. Once you approve a pre-production proof, the balance of your order will be manufactured on the standard production timeframe. To order a pre-production proof, please note your request in the comment box provided during the ordering process or call us at 888.773.6280.

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All orders are shipped FOB directly from various manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. If you have ordered multiple products, your orders may come in separate shipments at different times.

Can I use my own shipping account?

Of course. You can specify your own shipping account information during the check-out process.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes. All orders shipping outside the continental U.S. will ship either UPS Second Day PM or Fed-Ex International. You will be notified of any additional fees related to customs or packaging requirements for international shipments. If you have complex customs requirements, please contact us at 888.773.6280, option 5 to place your order.

Can you ship to PO or APO boxes?

No, unfortunately, our carriers require a street address for all shipments at this time.

What if I need my items shipped to multiple locations?

No problem. You can specify split-shipment needs during the check-out process. There is a $10.00 processing fee for each “Ship To” address related to split-shipments.

What is the standard shipping process?

We keep your needs and budget in mind. We ship all products insured using the most economical method available to meet your requested “need by” date. Most products are shipped via UPS or Fed-Ex, but orders that are too large or too heavy may be sent via a freight carrier and we will notify you when this is needed. We will email your tracking information within 1 business day of shipment. In addition, you can always login to your My Branding Iron account to track your orders.

Since we send all orders freight on board (FOB), all products become the property of the buyer at the time of shipment and Branding Iron Studios is not responsible for shipping delays or loss of goods caused by the carrier, customs departments, or other outside influences. However, if you need assistance filing a claim with your carrier for any such situation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Size Chart

We understand that you need to know what size fits when purchasing wearables and we encourage you to order a sample whenever possible. We are providing size chart information for general reference. Please note that sizes can vary by manufacturer and we encourage you to click on the Size Chart links associated with the specific product line you are interested in for exact specifications.

Size Chart for: Port Authority® | Port & Company® | Sport-Tek® | District Threads® (pdf)
Size Chart for: Red House® | Nike Golf | Columbia | OGIO® | Precious Cargo® (pdf)
Size Chart for: CornerStone™ (pdf)


How do I know it will fit?

The key to a good fit is taking good measurements and using the right size charts.


Measure Man
  Adult Sizes
Chest With arms down at sides, measure around the upper body, under arms and over the fullest part of the chest.
Neck Measure around the base of the neck,inserting a finger or two between the tape and neck for comfort.
Waist Measure waist at the height pants are normally worn, and keep tape comfortably loose.
Sleeve Place hand on hip. Start at the center of the back of the neck and measure across the shoulder, to the elbow, and then down to the wrist.
Inseam Measure a similar style pant that fits well and is the desired length. Measure from the crotch seam to the hem.
Size Chart Lady
  Ladies Sizes
Bust With arms down at sides, measure around the upper body, under arms and around the fullest part of the bust.
Waist Measure at the natural waist, and keep tape comfortably loose.
Hips Stand with heels together, and measure around the fullest part of the hips.
Sleeve Place hand on hip. Start at the center of the back of the neck and measure across the shoulder, to the elbow, and then down to the wrist.
Inseam Measure a similar style pant that fits well and is the desired length. Measure from the crotch seam to the hem.
The Ladies sizes offered in our Port Authority Signature, Port Authority, Red House, Port & Company and CornerStone lines, offer a comfortably relaxed look for a universally flattering appeal. The Junior Ladies sizes offered in our District Threads line, are sized smaller with shortened sleeves and a shorter silhouette for a slimmer cut through the body.
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